Renewables and Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability and Renewable Energy design sits at the heart of Moloney Fox Consultant’s work in the Built Environment. Moloney Fox Consulting are committed to providing feasible Sustainable and Energy conscience designs to all our clients that will provide the building service performance they require but at reduced primary energy costs and lower carbon footprints.

Moloney Fox Consulting can provide specialist advice on how to maximize the sustainability of a project and minimize the impact on the environment. Moloney Fox Consulting continues to successfully integrate modern renewable energy technologies and design concepts into a growing list of project as part of our environmental commitment.

Our Sustainable and Renewable Energy Services include:

  • Geothermal Energy
  • Combined Heating and Power Installations
  • Solar Thermal Systems Design
  • Solar Photo Voltaic Systems Design
  • District Heating Systems Design
  • Biomass Systems Design
  • Biofuel Systems Design
  • Hydro and Wind Power Systems Design
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Heat Recovery Systems Design
  • Water Conservation / Rain Water Harvesting / Grey Water System
  • Low Energy Lighting Design
  • Natural Daylight Design
  • Power Factor Correction

Our Low Carbon Environmental Services include:

  • Renewable Energy & low carbon System Design
  • Planning Strategies
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Building Dynamic Thermal simulation modeling using IES
  • Building Regulation Part L compliance
  • Building Sustainability Consultant services
  • Building Energy Rating (BER both domestic and commercial)
  • Carbon footprint reduction plans
  • Utility Energy Audits & Energy reduction evaluations.